is for freedom loving Americans

new or old, of ALL colors, shapes and sizes

who believe in the radical thing called

Freedom of Speech, the Rule of Law and

 waive our Flag!


If you are not a lemming, but an individual with a brain…And believe your opinion is just as important, if not more important than those of the Hollywood pundits…

And you love barbecue, hamburgers and hot dogs…

And you make no apologies for being American…

Then your gonna love my blog!

Who am I?

Well, after 26 years as an attorney practicing law, representing a diverse clientele, multi-tasking and working 80+hours a week…It all came to a screeching halt a year ago, when I suddenly had a near fatal medical emergency…

It scared my husband and my children…It changed my life radically!


But, I understand my Lord Jesus Christ

was leading me in a different direction for my life…

It has been very difficult emotionally, physically and financially…my car was even repossessed – the humiliation 🙁

Yet, here I am embarking on a new journey for my life, because I’ve never felt so free as I do now – though I can’t say I felt this way overnight…

I realize now more than ever that in the scheme of things, life here on earth is very short in view of eternity!

The world wastes too much time being angry, hating,

dividing, conquering…never satisfied.

So, wherever you are in your life’s journey, my hope is that you will find acceptance and community, the freedom to be American and feel American because freedom still reigns and we love our country.

That’s what I want American Flag to be for you… And why we respect and  waive our American flag!

All the best,


2 thoughts on “About Christie…

  1. This tugs at the old heart strings. You are amazing and I hope that you are recovering well from medical emergency mentioned above. I agree that this world sees too much hatred, destruction and negative conflict.
    I love this country that we live in and look forward to reading your posts.

    • Thank you Keri for your kind words…my hope is to continue to build upon and provide quality content that will resonate with my readers! We are blessed to call the USA our home…

      “…And this be our motto – ‘In God is our trust,’ And the star-spangled banner in triumph shall wave O’er the land of the free and the home of the brave.”

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