Commentary:  The War Right Underneath Our Noses:  The War Against the Flying of the American Flag, It’s Real…

Whether you realize it or not, the war against the American Flag, specifically, the war against the flying of the American Flag has been going on for decades now, it’s real…

But it’s a war that continues to be ignored. Perhaps because it’s a war on the American psyche and not a war with guns and rifles in the traditional sense.

Like “Tokyo Rose” whose job it was to continuously demoralize American and allied troops during World War II, the politics of demoralization are the same, to discourage, to weaken, divide and conquer.

The singular objective of the flag burners is to demoralize the American people, attack the American psyche, pick away the U.S. Constitution and ultimately disarm and reduce or eliminate our Constitutional Republic.

For all it’s deficiencies, shortcomings and numerous other sins of the founders, Americans have nonetheless been able to throughout the years impart an American system of shared values:

The American dream, freedom, home sweet home, the work ethic, capitalism, our Judeo-Christian faith all define America; all part of the shared values which became known as the American melting pot.

Immigrants wanted to be Americans.

They learned the language.

They assimilated.

They proudly called themselves Americans, worked hard and prospered.

These Americans proved their allegiance to America. Save today 50

When called upon to serve they answered the call and sacrificed for the Republic, so that we could ALL enjoy the Freedom of being American.

This allegiance to the Republic has been remarkably preserved throughout American history, thousands have fought, participated and sacrificed in Wars involving our nation and wars to help and rescue our allies:



  • the American Revolutionary War (1775-1783);
  • War of 1812 (1812-1815);
  • Mexican War (1846-1848);
  • the American Civil War (1861-1865);
  • Spanish American War (1898);
  • World War I (1914-1918);
  • Banana Wars ((1914-1934);
  • Posey War (1923);
  • World War II (1941-1945);
  • Korean War (1950-1953);
  • Vietnam War (1955-1975);
  • Lebanese Civil War (1975-1990);
  • Shaba II (1978);
  • Iran-Iraq War (1983-1985);
  • Libya (April 15, 1986);
  • Gulf War (1990-1991);
  • Iraqi Kurdish Civil War (1996-1997);
  • War in Darfur (2003-ongoing);
  • Iraq War (2003-2011);
  • Lebanon War (2006);
  • Syrian War (2014-present);
  • Afghanistan (2001-present).

(This is not an exhaustive list).

Consistently, throughout each of these wars the American flag has served with our military as our national identity representing the USA, Americans and freedom.

Patriots appreciate the playing of our national anthem. And it’s a beautiful scene to watch the flying of our American flag.

At the Olympics, in sports, when our President travels to other nations on official duties, these are happy times to take pride in the flying of our flag…

The American flag honorably hugs and wrap the coffins of our brave fallen heroes. As Americans we should stand and put our right hand over our hearts – it’s called respect and honor, it’s the least we can do.

Are you repulsed that somewhere down the line the Progressive Democrats are trying to press the delete button on our shared American values?

It’s their attempt to dislodge our national unity and replace it with diversity, racism, identity politics.

The flying of the American flag offends them.

The anti-American spirit is the opposite of the patriotic and harmless act of the Flying of the American Flag.

It has become the pretext or excuse flag burners used to burn the American flag…they don’t like our President, they don’t like our policies, they don’t like the Rule of Law, they don’t want us to eat meat…they want to erase our history and reinvent a narrative of their own choosing.

They want to get rid of our flag and replace it with anything, except our American flag. They want to make it a symbol of hatred and racism which has no foundation and basis in our flag.


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You’ve seen them on the news on tv and seen the pictures of these people burning and abusing the American flag.

The American flag is not just any piece of cloth, it has been for more than 247 years a symbol of our Constitutional Republic’s “national unity.”

And perhaps that was the reason why the United States of America has been referred as a “melting pot.”

Immigrants came to the United States of America, but they adopted the USA as their own country and assimilated into it’s culture.

They wanted to be Americans.

Born elsewhere without a choice, they became Americans by choice and eagerly identified themselves as Americans.

Their allegiance was to the USA. So, don’t you dare say everyone is an immigrant.

When called upon to serve their country they responded. Their allegiance has been remarkably preserved throughout American history.

The number of American men and women who served and responded to the nation’s call during these wars is astounding; less than 1 ½% of the total population has ever put on the uniform.

Nonetheless, they served and made the ultimate sacrifice for their nation.

Today, fewer than 20% of the young people are qualified to serve, for reasons of obesity or other physical ailments.

One thing remains clear, throughout each of these wars the American flag has served with our military as our national identity representing freedom.

As imperfect a nation as we may be, the American flag has been the singular symbol for our military and our national identity. Our national anthem has been played in conjunction with the raising or flying of the American flag, in the Olympics, sports, when our President travels to other nations on official business.

In it’s tangible form, the American flag is really the actual physical body of our Republic – that is, everything that it stands for into one physical symbol.

The U.S. Supreme Court in 1989, in the case of Texas v. Johnson, claimed that the burning of the American flag is “symbolic speech,” and is therefore entitled to First Amendment protections and freedoms afforded under the U.S. Constitution.

Nonsense! I say this is sheer nonsense!

There is no justification for burning the American flag!

Don’t drink the Kool-Aid.

The American flag represents everything that is American, our Constitution, the Bill of Rights, freedom, national unity, our American identities…it is therefore “symbolic speech.”

The flag burners burn the flag not because they love the flag or because they respect the flag, they burn the flag because they hate the flag and everything it stands for…

Flag burning is hate speech and if you want to call it symbolic speech, call it what you want, it’s not entitled to first amendment protections.

The American flag is “symbolic speech” whether or not the courts see it that way and is rightfully entitled to first amendment protections …but to say that burning the American flag is also “symbolic speech,” is to condone anarchy, lawlessness and American genocide.

Occasionally, someone will stand up for the flag, to keep it from being completely destroyed and burned!

The rescuer is usually an American veteran or a family member of a fallen hero who paid the price for that flag with his or her blood, sweat and tears.

Inevitably a brawl will ensue.

Usually, no police are present and no police are called on the flag burners. No flag burners are arrested. No lawsuits are filed against them.

And if and when the police are present, the police will fight to defend and protect the flag burning rioters, not the flag rescuers.

But, as soon as an American patriot respectfully starts flying the American flag, then there is outrage, protests, and lawsuits.

Yup, even lawsuits. Because it’s offensive! It’s insulting! It violates the “rule of law,” blah, blah, blah…

Why is it that flag burning seems to be the preferred method of protesters to express their disapproval of the Republic, albeit cloaked under expressing disapproval of national policy only?

Never mind that the American flag is being flown in its own land, the Land of the Free, the United States of America.

We are at a point now, where anyone can fly, respect and honor any other flag except our own American flag.

It’s a War Against the American Psyche, to lower American morale, get rid of our flag, to make us lose focus and direction, it’s all about protecting and respecting everyone and anything else EXCEPT our American history and culture.


If the unbridled unrestrained burning and desecration of the American flag is allowed to continue then the legislature and the judiciary bodies shall have to apologize for ever having imprisoned Tokyo Rose.

This post is dedicated to all our service men and women in the military, thank you for your service!

Hope you enjoyed this post and leave a comment!

12 thoughts on “Commentary: The War Right Underneath Our Noses: The War Against the Flying of the American Flag, It’s Real…

  1. First of all, I am not American but I agree with you in all aspects about flying the American flag. Aren’t these people supposed to be proud of their country’s honorable symbol? I find it disrespectful for anyone who abuse the flag by burning it just because they want to make an impact to what they are fighting for. Burning a flag doesn’t make an impact at all. It’s dishonoring the nation who embraced you and your whole family lineage. I think this issue should be given an importance. Sometimes, the law and most of the people are too lenient and forgiving to these acts of disrespect. 

  2. I will start by saying that I too would like to thank all of our military members and veterans for their service.    I did not realize that so few American’s have chosen to serve in the armed forces.   I did not realize that so few people are even fit enough to be accepted into the military.  

    To me, burning the flag symbolizes the ultimate disrespect for our country.  Following right behind is the disrespect of  athletes and people at games that don’t want to pay their respect.   

    The almost amusing thing is that many Democrats are against protecting our borders.    So, they support people that are desperate to come to the US and willing to risk their lives to come to the US.  

    Yet on the other hand, the people want to act like they hate the US and the rules, our election processes, etc.   I wonder how many of them have actually lived in another country.    Only then can a person understand how good most of us have it here.   

    It is a very, very sad situation.  Maybe life has been too good in the US?

    Too many people no longer appreciate what we do have.  Yet, my Grandparents and other people like them that lived through the Great Depression and World War II are extremely patriotic.    

    • Hi Sondra,

      Yes, it is quite appropriate to thank our service men and women for their service in allegiance to our Republic and I thank you for that…

      The first sentence of your comment was quite poignant particularly in light of our two American heroes we lost in Afghanistan last Wednesday.  My spirit grieves for the loved ones left behind… the heartbreak that such a loss can cause…

      And we should remind ourselves that somewhere out there our military men and women are unselfishly putting their lives in danger so that we can have a semblance of peace and safety in the comforts of our own homes. 

      Our American flag will hug the coffins of these dear ones as they come home.  And that is why you are absolutely correct when you say that “burning the flag symbolizes the ultimate disrespect for our country.”

      Flag burning thugs and those that attempt to disrespect our country and our flag, demonstrate their own self-hatred and disparage only themselves.

      I appreciate your comment and thank you!

  3. Both my grandfathers fought for this country in World War 2 and my father was drafted for Vietnam. My brother served in the US Army and my son is in the US Navy. Our service is so much bigger than a small person burning a flag. Flag burning reflects the low character of the one doing the burning. The flag and what it represents will always be so much bigger.

    • Hi Lee,

      Thank your grandparents, your dad, your brother and your son for their service!

      The military is one big family with unique brotherhood/sisterhood.

      We are a Marines, Navy, Coast Guard, and Army family; my brothers, in-laws, my husband and my children all veterans and/or on active duty, have honorably served and continue to do so…the flag, therefore, has a special significance.

  4. Hi

    There is a time where a flying on a flag is justified and permitted, whilst other times it will simple aggrevate a situation. You need to be careful in deciding if it appropriate or not.

    To me a flag means nothing, as you do not have to wear a heart on your shelve to know where you come from. I am not a nationalist as no country is superior to other countries, and that the problem where flags come in.



    • Hi Antonio,

      In response to your Comment:

      The United States of America is a Constitutional Republic and the American flag is symbolic of it; this is why we have freedom of speech and everyone is entitled to it…

      This means we are Free to Agree to Disagree.

      Consequently, flying the American flag is one of those fundamental freedoms we have here in the United States of America, 24 hrs. a day, 7 days a week, 365 days per year.

      Therefore, it is always appropriate to fly the American flag and we don’t need anyone’s permission or consent to do so.

      You don’t have to love the American flag, again because of the freedoms we have here in the U.S.A., but that freedom does not give anyone the right or excuse to burn/desecrate or disparage the American flag. 

      Nor does it give anyone the right to remove the American flag or to change it.

      The U.S.A., is a civilized nation.

       This means that whether someone likes something or not, you don’t cross the line. 

      When someone physically attacks someone or something that is waiving the American flag, that is crossing the line.

      When someone verbally abuses someone because they don’t agree with them,  that is crossing the line.

      When someone stops someone or something from flying the American flag that is crossing the line.

      When someone protests and interferes with someone else’s peace and enjoyment of the American flag and the National Anthem, that is crossing the line.

      When someone commits property damage and vandalizes property because they don’t agree with it, that is crossing the line.

      It is never appropriate or justified to cross the line. 

      But, when the line is crossed, the perpetrator has waived his or her right to demand any respect for him or herself.

      Furthermore, when the line is crossed the perpetrator has waived his or her right to freedom.

      The American flag is symbolic speech of our national identity, unity and freedom. 

      Throughout the centuries men and women have fought for that national identity, unity and freedom, for those reasons alone the American flag must and should be Respected!

      Thanks for your comment.  

  5. It is a sad thing, and you know what is even worse? That the majority even don’t care about it. And that ignorance will kick like a boomerang back to the faces. Now, it is good you write about it, I hope people will get the common sense back! I will re share it, because this is an important matter. 

    • Hi Emmanuel,

      I agree that there is a certain segment of our population that doesn’t care about our American flag or our Republic for that matter…I think it’s called blissful ignorance or blissful unawareness?  Or can it be the intentional nefarious “unawareness”?

      But I believe that there is a segment of the population that loves our Republic and appreciate the freedoms that we have – these are in large part Patriots from all different walks of life, COLORS and shapes.  And they are concerned with the preservation of our national unity, identify and borders as an American Republic which the U.S. flag represents.

      However, the media and the noise from the socialist-liberal-progressive left-democrats drown their voice; aggressively ramming the narrative of all things Racism which is a tool to further divide our Republic, divest us of our shared values as Americans and ultimately erase our borders.

      And it doesn’t help when our courts are full of activist judges that seem to be more concerned with politics than the rule of law.

      Thank you for your comment Emmanuel.

  6. People are hideous when they do this kind of thing

    It’s a statement for sure but it also shows no respect for the USA or the people who live there and the soldiers who fight and put their lives at risk for their country

    Punishments should be harsh for this unspeakable behaviour

    • Hi Vicki, I wholeheartedly agree with you!

      I’m hoping that perhaps some much needed changes will be implemented in our legal system soon to get this type of violence curbed and I certainly believe some court rulings need to be revisited!

      Thank you for your comment.

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