To promote unity, patriotism, freedom of speech, civility

They pop up everywhere. The VW Bug was completely covered with “coexist” bumper stickers from one end to the next. I thought it looked hideous! It hurt my eyes, and I wouldn’t want to drive something like that…

How many bumper stickers does it take to cover a Bug? I don’t know…my guess is there were about a hundred “coexist” stickers on that car…yes really, after the 10th sticker I stopped counting…

Just then…

traffic started moving again.

The little Bug peeled to the left.

I didn’t bother to see who was driving…it was irrelevant to me. After all, this is the USA and you and I have the privilege of driving the car of our choice – (as long as we’re not in violation of the law, of course – e.g., driving recklessly, drunk driving, not having a driver’s license or worst no car insurance).

I went my way and headed North…

That “coexist” bumper sticker kept circling my thoughts…

I don’t care for its message. It’s disingenuous, artificial and some would even say blasphemous to have symbols of Judaism, Christianity and Islam together as if singing “Kumbaya.”

I think somewhere there is a school of thought that, if you try to mix water and oil, you can’t drink it because its got oil in it, and you can’t cook with it because its got water…

The next day, I saw a guy standing at a corner…

holding a sign that said, “Jesus loves you.” It wasn’t a professional sign, it looked like he just took a magic marker and wrote on cardboard.

Someone in a car shouted the “F” word, gave him the finger and drove away.

The guy with the Jesus sign wasn’t harassing anyone. He wasn’t obstructing or impeding traffic. And no, he wasn’t begging, either.

He was just quietly standing there in a little circle of the corner holding his sign.

Maybe you’re thinking he should not have been there to begin with?

I was concerned that perhaps someone from the “View” would crawl out of nowhere and shout it’s “mental illness!”

And the “coexist” bumper sticker from the day before? It flashed quickly before my eyes, and…

I asked myself, when did nastiness, hatred, incivility and bitterness become the norm?

It’s everywhere…

And maybe it started on a school playground…or maybe it started in Hollywood…or perhaps it all started in politics when Cain killed his brother Abel because God loved Abel’s sacrifice better than Cain’s.

But today, we’re supposed to be better than then…it’s the 21st century…we’re supposed to be…

sophisticated, educated and morally superior perhaps? We’re adults, we don’t have to like each other to coexist and be civil to one another, we don’t even have to agree 100% of the time. Right?

As Americans of all skin tones, shapes and sizes, we notice that nowhere else has the nastiness, hatred, incivility and bitterness become more evident than in the most recent state of politics in our country.


In 2016, Hillary Clinton labeled the American people, “deplorables” and further stated:

“…some of those folks they are irredeemable but thankfully they are not America.” [emphasis added] (Source:

Wow…not even God Himself has ever uttered such mendacity upon humanity.

And in 2008, Barack Obama made the statement: “And it’s not surprising then they get bitter, they cling to guns or religion…” [emphasis added] (Source:

That? Well? Suffice it to say, you can draw your own conclusion.

Thank God that the U.S. Constitution, guarantees Americans, our First and Second Amendment rights which shall not be infringed!

Therefore, let’s proudly wave the American flag, for freedom, for the rule of law, for our military, for all those who have come before us and sacrificed to make this country great…God bless the USA and God bless President Trump!

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