I Give Up!


Have a cup of coffee and sit down with me, let’s talk!


I haven’t blogged since the holidays, I guess you can say I’ve been on a hiatus of sorts… that’s why I’ve decided to give up….


I’m not going to fight it anymore!

It happens in the theater of life… has this ever happened to you?


I didn’t plan this, it was completely involuntary.


When last November rolled around, I was looking forward to the holidays with excitement and anticipation, the holidays were not going to slow me down!


I’m gonna do this and that, I thought to myself…in fact, I’ve not been able to blog since December.    🙁


On the other hand, I’ve not mustered the energy to put pen to paper or fingers to keyboard should I say?


I was really looking forward to seeing my son who is serving in the Marine Corps and my son who is serving in the Navy during the holidays!



And, I had determined to share the excitement with you.


My sons love their country and they believe in the principles that our American flag stands for… Freedom, Duty and Honor!


I love my boys and I am so proud of them!


I love our servicemen and women they are the best of our best.


Now, before I knew it, it was Thanksgiving day and


I spent it at the hospital with my mom.


My adorable husband cooked the entire Thanksgiving meal, himself and I was very grateful!


They say that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach…but, I say that’s also the case for women!


I mean, really, what woman doesn’t love a delicious Thanksgiving meal, prepared by her own husband?


It was a quiet Thanksgiving without our boys, needless to say… I missed them so much!


I felt stuck in a bubble.


But, to my delight, my son the Marine was able to come home on leave for a bit! I was so honored to have him home even if it was a short visit.


My mom was finally discharged from the hospital.


Two days later, the ambulance rushed my dad to the ER.


That night, my mom was so disoriented, she got up in the middle of the night only to fall to the floor.


Last week, I was grateful to bring my husband back home from the hospital, he had suffered a heart attack.


So you see, I have been quite busy with my husband and my parents, but taking care of my mom is a full time job.


That’s why I give up!


I will no longer feel guilty for not sticking to the schedule, that is, failing to publish a “timely” post.


I will no longer feel sorry for myself when I have no control of things…and I will give up control of each day to my Savior, Jesus Christ…


I will no longer be anxious, but I will wait upon the Lord to provide the next time when I can see my boys!

I will put my trust in the Lord, no matter how I feel…

The Lord tells us,

“And we know that all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are the called according to His purpose.” Romans 8:28


I am going to trust the Lord and thank Him for giving me the opportunity to serve my parents and my husband.


I thank God for our servicemen and women. Praying for their Salvation and Protection always!

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