Let’s Celebrate Freedom, Healing and Pardon On Flag Day!

On June 14, 1777, the original U.S. Flag, the Grand Union flag was replaced with a flag that more closely resembles our current stars and stripes, with thirteen (13) stars representing the thirteen (13) states at the time and thirteen (13) stripes representing the 13 original colonies.

In the current flag, the blue field contains 50 stars. The 50 stars represents the 50 states, NOT 57… most of us are not constitutional scholars, but we got this!



The former Grand Union flag consisted of seven (7) red and six (6) white alternating stripes and featured the British Union Jack at the top left-hand corner symbolizing unity with the 13 colonies.

On Flag day, we should be united to celebrate freedom, healing and pardon.

And guess what?


The stars and stripes is a beautiful reminder of the Freedoms that we should enjoy and should not be taken for granted.

Recently, President Trump graciously commuted the sentence of sixty-two year old (62) Alice Johnson, an African-American serving a life sentence for a first time nonviolent drug offense.

Twenty-one years later and having been ignored by previous administrations, President Trump opened her prison cell and has set Alice Johnson free.

I am reminded of the New Testament passage, where the elite from the community bring a woman to Jesus…accusing her of adultery, they tell Jesus that the law says she should be stoned to death and ask him for his opinion.

Responding, Jesus tells them, “Let any one of you who is without sin be the first to throw a stone at her.”  One by one, they all left.  Jesus asked the woman, “Has no one condemned you?”

When she answered that no one had condemned her, he told her “Then neither do I condemn you…go now and Leave your life of sin.” John 8:3-11.

Obviously, President Trump made the right call.  Some on the left however, refuse to give the President the credit that he is due.

Certainly, had President Trump not pardoned Alice Johnson, the usual suspects would be screaming “racism” at the top of their lungs! Since President Trump pardoned Ms. Johnson the silence is deafening at one end… and at the other end there is the hateful attempt to discredit and undermine the President’s actions.

It’s a catch 22, they damn him if he does and they damn him if he doesn’t.

But, President Trump is not worried, he doesn’t sweat the small stuff… He is a true leader and a warrior…

He knows God has brought him to his position for such a time as this…


10 thoughts on “Let’s Celebrate Freedom, Healing and Pardon On Flag Day!

  1. Hi Christie,
    Thanks you for your lovely article. I am Canadian, but visit your fair country often. And what a wonderful way to celebrate your flag.
    I watched the news the day Alice was released and was so thankful for her. I understand the need to have drug laws, but my goodness, a life sentence?? I’m so glad your president showed grace and forgiveness towards her.
    Her family is truly celebrating now!

    • Thank you Suzanne for taking your time to read our post and comment…I’m happy for Ms. Johnson and feel blessed for President Trump!

      Love our Canadian neighbors!

    • Thank you Ronda for commenting on our post…our goal is to provide quality material that is easy on the eyes, yet interesting and informative to our readers.

  2. Flag day? 🙂 Interesting! I like your article, and I think we need more posts like this one , because we can learn something new and something about other cultures and countries.

    • Mario, so glad you liked our post…every country has its own unique culture and characteristics and so does the U.S., a culture of freedom and patriotism which we want to explore and share with our readers.

      And it starts with our flag!

      Thanks for your comment!

  3. I enjoyed reading your blog. For a non American though, what is flag day all about? The article ended without telling this stranger what it is. Other than that, its nice and clean and not jumbled. I give it a 3.

    • Russell, thank you for stopping by and even more so for taking the time to comment.

      Simply put, flag day is the American flag’s birthday, and symbolizes “one nation, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.”

      Happy flag day friend!

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