Product Review:  Medal Display Case –  Showing Pride in Your American Hero’s Honor, Bravery and Excellence

Product: Medal Display Case

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Medal Display Case

Case Sizes Vary depending on the number of medals, some sizes:

19” x 20”


Pricing:  $175.00

My rating: 10 out of 10

Today, I heard from my son who is on active duty.

He says he misses coming home to the smell of dinner cooking in the kitchen and the smell of chocolate chip cookies baking in the oven.

Hmm, yes, especially during the holidays!

When we look back to what was once a present day in life, we find that it’s now a distant memory.

Some memories we should forget.

But we should preserve the good memories.

The memories that made us better and stronger, positive and always full of hope and expectation that today and tomorrow will be good days because we gave it our all, we did our best and overcame.

Medal Display Cases are a masterful way to display the symbols of honor, bravery and excellence …

Life is filled with symbolism. Symbolism evokes emotion. Emotion evokes the feeling.

The dedication was real the commitment was real. What better than to recognize and honor that dedication, that commitment that your hero earned.

Save over 50% on flag display cases

Preserve your loved ones medals, photos, certificates, ribbons with a medal display case from Flags Connections.

The veterans at Flags Connection understand the commitment and the sacrifice of military service. That’s why they have created a quality line of products that you can choose from to display your serviceman’s or woman’s spirit of excellence and perseverance.

Medal Display Case Overview:

Flags Connections medal display boxes are meticulously 100% hand-crafted by veterans in the USA.

You can choose from three sturdy wood finishes, cherry, black lacquer or oak.

It’s velvety lined inside and with your choice of black, blue, red or green.

The backing is real wood with black felt not cardboard and comes with a sturdy wall hanging bracket.

It’s easy to push the pins through, but Flags Connections recommends double-sided tape or velcro.

Although it’s designed to have the pins permanently stored, you can take the pins and/or medals in and out as needed.

The cover for each case is Museum quality clear plexiglass, treated with an UV retardant to prevent UV light from penetrating and to keep medal ribbons and the velvet backing from fading..

If you have any questions or comments please leave a message below. If you have purchased a medal display case, tell us what kind of display case you are using.

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